Bereavement Support

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Grief is a healthy emotion for dealing with loss. Everyone deals with grief in different ways and different time frames. There are many ways one can work through their grief: some rely on friends and family, some handle it on their own, others turn to ministers or spiritual leaders, and others turn to grief counseling and educational services.

Our Bereavement Groups are open to anyone grieving.  Since we care for patients within a seven-county region, groups move to various counties. Check this website or our Facebook page for information on current Bereavement Group meetings.

Bereavement groups at HLC are open to the public – there is no need to be from a “hospice family”.  There is no timeline for grief, whether it’s been months or years, you are welcome to attend.  We care for patients in the seven-county region of: Pulaski, Casey, Russell, Clinton, McCreary, Wayne and Cumberland.  Our Somerset bereavement group meets year-round. Bereavement groups in the other counties move around on a monthly basis.

Click here to read more about coping with the loss of a spouse.

Somerset & Pulaski County Group
Meets every third Wednesday, 5-6:30 PM ET
Pulaski County Library
304 S Main St, Somerset, KY 42501

Albany & Clinton County Group
Meets every fourth Wednesday, 5-6:30 PM CT
254 Burkesville Road
Albany, KY 42602


Call for children’s bereavement services: 800-937-9596

All bereavement groups are free and open to residents of Pulaski co. and surrounding counties.

Call 606-679-4389 or email for information on the Somerset Bereavement Group