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photo of older handsIf you or your family member is seeking end-of-life or illness support assistance, we can help.

At the Hospice of Lake Cumberland, we offer several services that allow our patients to live well without anxiety, fear or pain. We tailor our services to fit the exact needs of each patient and their family by curating a bespoke care plan to accommodate their needs.

If you would like improved quality of life, attentive care and the chance to spend more quality time together, consider our hospice services.

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“We are so blessed to have your organization in our community. Your team goes above and beyond to comfort and ease a difficult time for the patient and their loved ones. There are no words to express what your guidance and care meant during my heartbreak and loss. Thank you.”
-Latisha Floyd

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Our services

Home Care

The most basic form of hospice care is Home Care. Our Home Care services are based around the patient, with an individualized care plan devised to tend to their needs. To help you or a family member live pain-free and experience comfort, our team of nurses and physicians will provide medical attention and emotional support in the forms of grief and bereavement counseling, nursing services, supplying medical equipment and supplies, and more. Our Home Care services can either take place at either your home or within your nursing home facility.

Crisis Care

Should you or your family require around-the-clock care, consider our Crisis Care services. Designed for short periods of time, one of our nurses or medical personnel will remain in your home or care facility for a number of hours per day, with the level of short-term care assessed each day. Crisis Care may be for you if you are in debilitating pain, have just experienced an accident or incident, are experiencing shortness of breath or anxiety attacks.

Respite Care

If a family member or a caregiver is offering full-time care, our Respite Care services can provide them with some time to rest and recoup. We offer short-term, temporary care services to primary caregivers who are looking to spend time tending to personal matters. Respite Care services can be as long or as short as you or your caregiver would like, and can take place either in your home, your care centre or within our inpatient care facility.

General In-Patient (GIP)

For someone who requires advanced care, we recommend our General Inpatient Care (GIP) services. Our inpatient hospice services take place at the Jean Waddle Care Center, where we can offer constant monitoring and attention. Here, our trained nurses and medical personnel are available around the clock, have access to the best equipment, can administer various medications and offer constant emotional support. If you or a family member is in severe pain or experiencing acute symptoms that cannot be tended to at home, enquire about our General Inpatient Care (GIP).

Is hospice care for your loved one?

If you have a family member who is elderly or ill, we can help. Caring for someone who requires end-of-life support comes with challenges. As well as needing to care for your family members needs, often around the clock, you also need to tend to your own personal matters, family and career.

Our hospice services will lighten this load, giving you more time and energy. Our medical professionals will not only provide medical attention and care to your family member but will give you the emotional and spiritual support that you deserve.

If you’d like to discuss your needs and how we can help, get in touch with the Hospice of Lake Cumberland to schedule a call.

To ensure our patients receive the highest level of care, our hospice services include the expertise of the following:

A physician

Along with tending to prescriptions, medications, treatments and procedures, a physician will work with you to ensure that your time spent in our care is as pain and symptom-free as possible. All care is done under the orders of your physician.

A social worker

To assist you and your family in the journey with hospice, a social worker will stay with you during this process. As well as offering plenty of emotional support, the social worker will assist with various end of life preparations, financial matters and facilitate any activities that you and your family may want to partake in.

A nurse

The bedrock of our organization, our nurses are like extensions of family and look after patients as such. Working closely with your physician, our specialist nurses work to make sure that your needs are met and that you are physically and emotionally comfortable 100% of the time.

A chaplain

As well as physical and emotional support, spiritual support plays a crucial part in the hospice care process. To facilitate this, a chaplain offers compassionate counseling with patients, their family members and caregivers.

We will be with you every step of the way.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Hospice of Lake Cumberland directly. 1-800-937-9596
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