Dementia can take a number of forms, including the most well-known form, Alzheimer’s Disease.  Dementia is a sobering diagnosis for both patient and their loved ones. As the disease progresses, care-giver burn out can often become a real issue.  Let’s take a look at some way’s hospice care can best serve the patient and the family during the late stages of dementia.


Hospice Care offers a Familiar Environment

Hospice of Lake Cumberland is able to care for the patient in the place they call home.  The patient may reside in their physical home or apartment. Maybe they live in a nursing home or are staying with a friend or relative.  Regardless of where the patient lives, we are able to provide care in that setting, and, by doing so, the patient is more relaxed as they are in a setting they know and trust.  In most cases, this is most preferred by both patients and family members. 

Hospice of Lake Cumberland Offers Personalized Care and Support

Our patients receive a personalized care plan from a team that consists of doctor, nurses, nurses’ aides, social workers, chaplains, (if the patient so desires), and volunteers, (also offered if patient desires).   The plan is customized by the patient and can change as patient needs change.  For instance, let’s say a patient only wants an aide to visit once per week – for a while, that works fine, but then the patient has a decline and it is decided that the aide will visit 5 times per week and perform bathing and other activities that can be a help to both patient and caregiver.  Ultimately, what works best for the patient and the caregivers is prioritized.  Hospice of Lake Cumberland is a nonprofit organization and does not deny services for those patients with an inability to pay.  

Other Benefits of Hospice Care

Hospice care gives patients a sense of dignity.  We honor their wishes and provide services in a caring, gentle manner that lets the patient know they are seen and heard – and that they are important.  With hospice care, the family members of the patient are also cared for.  They receive information not only on best practices in caring for their loved one but also in what to expect during the end of life process.  Additionally, we offer bereavement counseling as well as bereavement groups for both adults and children.  These services are available for free and last for 13 months after their loved one has passed.

For more information on hospice care from Hospice of Lake Cumberland, please contact us day or night at 800-937-9596.